Russian deep-sea fisherman’s Twitter feed is filled with nightmares

Roman Fedorstov’s account began featuring images of blood-chilling bottom feeders, creepy crustaceans and other sorts of ghoulish sea creatures that he and his crew hauled in their nets while trawling the deep waters off Russia’s Barents Sea. Fedortsov works on a fishing trawler in Murmansk, Russia, and regularly comes in contact with deep-sea dwellers that look like the kind of weird creatures filmmaker Tim Burton would design. The English-language site Moscow Times posted a handful of the photos, but I’ve found even more on Fedortsov’s Twitter. “Such zones are normally undisturbed by commercial fishing, which is precisely why these unusual creatures have survived thus far”. “Some of the shallower living, lighter-colored fishes might be a couple of feet”, Professor James Childress, who researches the biology of deep-sea animals at University of California Santa Barbara. Read the rest here, and visit Romans twitter feed click here  11:24

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