‘F/V Western’ removed from Coos Bay, Marine Board to seek reimbursement from owner

After many months of planning, the F/V Western was removed from Coos Bay on December 21, Oregon State Marine Board said. The work to remove the vessel occurred over the last two weeks by Billeter Marine. The Western, a 70 foot long, 78 gross ton wood-hulled fishing vessel built in 1934, sank near the Empire boat ramp in January, 2015. In August, the Marine Board was awarded a $55,000 grant from the NOAA Marine Debris Program. The project, titled, “A partnership for the removal and prevention of abandoned and derelict fishing vessels along the Oregon Coast,” includes $17,500 matching cash from the Marine Board and $22,500 from the Department of State Lands, as well as in-kind services from Oregon SeaGrant, and staff from the coastal public ports and marinas. Billeter Marine successfully lifted the F/V Western from the water and disposed of the vessel through approved methods on land, officials said. The Marine Board says it will be seeking reimbursement from the owner for the disposal costs. Read the story here 09:25

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