Letter: Misinformation about the seal hunt abounds – Capt. Wilfred Bartlett, Green Bay South

The snow and ice are here and the termites are coming out of the woodwork — what I call the ill-informed bleeding hearts. I am referring to the seal hunt protest that took place in St. John’s in front of Jen Shears’ store, Natural Boutique, on Dec. 11. Renee Gosse, one of the protesters, was interviewed by CBC Radio’s “On The Go.” When asked why she was protesting the seal hunt, she stated we are trying to educate the people of this province about the seal hunt; it is cruel, wasteful and unnecessary. I have been hunting and eating seal for more than 70 years. I have watched my grandfather kill pigs, goats and sheep, and chickens when they could no longer lay eggs and, yes, seals; also seabirds, because if he didn’t we would not have survived. Killing any animal is not a pretty sight,,, Read retired Captain Wilfred Bartlett’s letter here 14:53

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