Nova Scotia: High winds and rough seas hampers fishing in first weeks of lobster season

High winds and rough seas hampered fishing efforts during the opening three weeks of the commercial lobster along the south shore, negatively impacting landings and driving up the shore price to $7 leading up to Christmas Day. “Catches are way down,” said Clark’s Harbour buyer Gary Blades, C&R Blades Ltd. as he watched lobster fishing boats returning to port on Dec. 20, after almost a week of sitting idle due to the weather. “There’s no comparison to last year,” said Blades, when fine weather prevailed throughout December, enabling fishing boats to get out and check their gear almost every day. All is not gloom however, says Lockeport buyer Mike Cotter, Cotter’s Ocean Products. “Things are moving. Lobsters are selling,” he said. “The price is at $7 so fishermen are pretty happy with that. There’s been no tragedies. No one is going to be stuck with any great volume on land, which is good. Read the story here 08:53

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