“What is the price people paid to become a crab fishermen?” – Film maker seeks to preserve Kodiak King Crab History

Matt Stevens is a man on a mission. Born and raised on Kodiak Island in the late 70’s, he has grown up hearing the stories of Kodiak back in the day. A time when men and women journeyed from afar to get a piece of the legendary boomtown. What Stevens wants to know is, “What is the price people paid to become a crab fishermen,” and their stories that came with it. “I have heard so many stories of all these unique people during that time, and it was such a unique era that it would be great to know more about it.  I’m working on collectively gathering the history of commercial fishermen and women in the Kodiak era between the 60’s all the way through the 80’s. Essentially the king crab boom of its day and the stories and history related to that time.” Stevens feels that it is an epic time built on personal experience and memories. A dying history that needs to be preserved before it is too late. Read the story here, and by all means, contribute! 12:49

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