Dongwon Industries catches bluefin tuna for first time in waters off Iceland

Dongwon Industries Co., South Korea’s largest fishing company, said Tuesday it netted up tuna from high-latitude North Atlantic Ocean, a deep-sea area nearly monopolized by Japanese fishers well experienced against tumultuous sea climate and freezing waters. The company said it will put the first catches at its retail restaurants this month. The top-tier bluefin features thick fat and firm texture built to protect body temperature from cold exposure. The North Atlantic species represent only 0.4 percent of bluefin tuna caught around the world. Because of this rarity, a 400kg bluefin tuna caught in the sea sells at about 12 million won ($10,000) in the international market. The tuna fishing company has operated mostly in southern Pacific Ocean. The company said its advance into the high-latitude North Atlantic Ocean required 16 months of preparation. Ships were modified to shield against the waves and to allow better drainage. In addition, a veteran fishing foreman was recruited from Japan. The company sailed two fishing vessels to fish tuna throughout October in the waters off Iceland. The tuna caught weighs over 200kg on average and the heaviest one weighs nearly 300kg, the company said.  Link 12:47

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