Island builder Kevin Grindle puts new take on scallop drags

The best place to find Kevin Grindle over the next few months is in his home workshop, where the inventor/builder is busy trying to fill orders from scallop fishers purchasing his newest project, a steel scallop drag. Grindle, who operates under the name Grindle Built, is a second generation shed junkie. His father, Herb Grindle, started building drags in the early 1970s, when the younger Grindle was just 10 years old. Looking up to his father, he soon learned the trades of building and welding. Several decades later, Grindle has found himself the maker of one of the hottest new fishing items around. “I have three in here right now, and that’s rare,” he said. “Usually I make them and I can’t keep them in here because the guys have already picked them up.” Read the article here 15:41

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