Keep NC seafood (especially SHRIMP) on our tables online petition gains support

An Ocracoke resident has started an online petition to oppose a request from the N.C. Wildlife Federation before the N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission for new rules that may put more restrictions on shrimp trawling. These petitions have come out while a fishing industry work group is about to receive information on bycatch reducing gear tests, and set priorities for additional tests this year. Megan Spencer of Ocracoke began a petition at the website, a site dedicated to hosting petitions of all sorts, in early December. This petition, titled “Keep N.C. seafood (especially shrimp) on our tables,” calls for the MFC to deny a petition for rulemaking from the NCWF that, if granted, would designate all coastal fishing waters in the state not otherwise designated as nursery areas as special secondary nursery areas. As of Saturday, Ms. Spencer’s petition has received 1,427 signatures. In her petition, she says that local businesses, fishing families and coastal communities depend on catches from trawlers – namely shrimp – as a source of economic commerce and locally-grown, organic protein. Read the story here To read and sign the “Keep NC seafood (especially SHRIMP) on our tables”, Click here 12:26

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