Louisiana: Launch of new shrimp boat a testament of faith

Some people have lost faith in the traditions and possibilities of the shrimp industry here in the Bayou Region. But Chad and Angela Portier and the rest of their family are not among those. They proved their faith – in more than one way – with the Tuesday launch of the Louisiana shrimp fleet’s newest addition, the 72-foot trawler they named “Jesus Lives.” The boat rolled into the waters of Bayou Petit Caillou with a dignified slide, a testament to the family’s tradition and tenacity. Chad Portier learned to build boats from his late father, Russell, whose name on the bayou is legendary. During the project Chad taught his sons, Chad Jr., 15, and Jenson Engebretson, 19, how to build alongside him. It was for the boys, the veteran shrimper said, that the project happened at all. Watch the launch video, and read the story here 15:20

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