Counting Cards – FISH-NL says yes, FFAW says no

The breakaway group needs the support of 50 per cent plus one of the inshore harvesters in the province. FISH-NL claims there are, at most, 4,743 inshore harvesters, but the FFAW claims there are 10,200. FISH-NL revealed Monday 2,372 cards were submitted to the Labour Relations Board at the end of December, and asserted the number surpasses the necessary number. But the FFAW says FISH-NL has fallen short in its bid to represent inshore fishermen. FISH-NL says there are a total of 6,354 harvesters in Newfoundland and Labrador, according to a federal access to information request, but that figure includes both inshore and offshore. Read the story here 16:51

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