Large Whale Seasonal Trap Gear Closure is Effective February 1 – April 30

This advisory serves as a reminder to recreational and commercial trap fishermen. The annual large whale seasonal trap gear closure is in effect from February 1st through April 30th.  During this period all trap gear must be removed from the . This area encompasses waters of Cape Cod Bay, Stellwagen Bank and the Eastern Cape Cod. A description of the closed area and its coordinates are in the adjacent map and full regulatory text is located at 322 CMR 12.04 and 12.11. This closure was implemented in 2015 under the federal Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan and subsequently codified in state regulations. Its purpose is to reduce the risk of endangered North Atlantic right whales becoming entangled in trap gear buoy lines while migrating through and aggregating in this important seasonal feeding area. For more information regarding the Large Whale Seasonal Trap Gear Closure and the North Atlantic right whale, please visit our website:  13:47

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