Capt. Michael Joyce gets scare after weather forces him to abandon fishing seiner

Lark Harbour, N.L. — Michael Joyce got a bad scare and was stomach sick for a few days, but he know things could have been much worse for him so he was looking on the bright side of a tough day on the water. Joyce, 49, of Lark Harbour, is the captain of Joyce’s Journey, a 45-foot seiner that he uses to catch herring, mackerel and caplin. Joyce and his four crew members headed out the Bay of Islands on Dec. 18 for the last haul of herring for the season. At the edge of darkness, on what Joyce said was a beautiful evening at the time, they saw fish in the bay and decided to set the sein with hopes of landing a big haul. Within minutes, a strong, steady windy came up in the bay. The crew managed to set the sein, and when it came time to haul it back on board the wind bore down on them. Read the story here 20:35

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