UPDATED: Five fishermen rescued from sinking vessel

Five men were rescued from the fishing vessel Ocean Way around ten miles east of Whalsay on Friday morning before it sank less than one minute later after taking on water. The men abandoned the trawler and jumped into the sea, which is thought to have been less than seven degrees in temperature, before they were collected by the lifeboat. Lifeboat coxswain Alan Tarby described the scene as “chaos” and said there was less than one minute between the men jumping into the water and the boat fully sinking. He believed something “struck the bottom of the boat and made a hole in it”. The men walked away unharmed after being taken into Lerwick Harbour on the lifeboat. The lifeboat crew and Shetland Coastguard were alerted at around 6.50am after receiving reports of water entering the Ocean Way (LK207). Read the story here and here 09:01 Video: Five Fishermen Rescued from Sinking Trawler 13:37

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