St. George sternman admits to sinking rival’s lobster boat

A St. George man was sentenced Thursday, March 2 to 24 months in prison for sinking a competitor’s lobster boat last summer. Vincent Hilt, 22, pleaded guilty during a hearing in Knox County Unified Court to felony charges of aggravated criminal mischief and felony theft. Hilt is the second person convicted of the Sept.1 sinking of the 36-foot lobster boat Oracle owned by Joshua Hupper of St. George. In January, 21-year-old Devlin Meklin of Warren admitted to the same charges as Hilt and was sentenced to 24 months with all but three months suspended. The case against Hilt’s captain — Alan B. Norwood Jr., 47, of St. George — remains pending in court. Norwood has pleaded not guilty to aggravated criminal mischief for allegedly paying Hilt $500 to sink Hupper’s boat. continue reading the story here 10:54

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