Man dies after pickup truck crashes into Cohasset Harbor

COHASSET – The body of a 39-year-old lobsterman was recovered after a dive team pulled a pickup truck out of Cohasset Harbor Wednesday morning, police said. Police and fire officials received a report of a vehicle that was in the water off a dock near Lighthouse Lane and Border Street shortly before 5 a.m. Police Chief William Quigley identified the driver of the gray GMC truck as Keith Herzog, 39, of Cohasset, said. Several family members, local fishermen and townspeople stood watching in a nearby parking lot. Some people were seen hugging one another and crying. The Plymouth County Technical Rescue Team was called to respond to help locate the truck, which was about 50 feet from the dock and as deep as 18 feet down. Sadly, the rest of the story here 19:06

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