German company eyes wind farm project off Fire Island  

“The idea that you can just show up and stick a flag in the ocean floor and say it’s mine without regard to the fishing community it will displace is unconscionable and un-American,” said Bonnie Brady, executive director of the Long Island Commercial Fishing Association.A German renewable-energy company has submitted an unsolicited bid for more than 40,000 acres of water rights due south of Fire Island for the first phase of a wind-turbine array of up to 400 megawatts. Maps submitted with the project indicate it would place 30 to 50 turbines around 600 feet tall in an area that extends from Bayport to Moriches, starting around 12 miles from shore. The project would be east of another wind-energy area that was federally auctioned in December to Norway-based Statoil for $42 million. Both projects, which would require numerous state and federal permits, are in areas considered vital to fishing interests; the Statoil project is already the subject of a federal lawsuit seeking to block it and preserve squid, scallop and bottom-fishing grounds. Called the NY4 Excelsior Wind Park, the latest project is being proposed by PNE Wind, a German developer of onshore and offshore wind projects with a U.S. base in Chicago. (we are opposed) Read the story here 07:54

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  1. Edward Everich says:

    I have the same question as Bonnie, can a country just pick a spot and stick a flag down and call it there own to do as they chose ? WTF ! What happened to the 200 mile limit, what happened to ” Law of the Sea”. Could any country just decide to lay claim to any property off our coast to suit its’ own purpose. Would this in theory include countries such as Red China, North Korea and Iran ? This has got to be pure insanity. This is an example of nothing more and nothing less than pure greed, follow the money trail on this one and see where it leads you. This behavior needs to go “all stop” immediately and we as a nation need to re-evaluate our priorities !! Just more “green agenda” that has its’ agenda based on “green” as in money grab, wake up America before it is too late !

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