Comment on Amendment 23 re: Slighted Ports – Jim Kendall

I wasn’t going to offer a comment on this Amendment simply because GARFO & company has once again chosen to ignore the value & the importance of holding a public hearing with the New Bedford/Fairhaven, & Rhode Island groundfish fishermen! My comment with regard to Amendment 23 to the NE GroundFish Multispecies’ FMP remains the same as I last tried to convey to the NEFMC & RA John Bullard! When the hell does New Bedford/Fairhaven, the largest groundfish port on the East Coast, rate a Scoping Hearing? This same question is being raised in Rhode Island as it pertains to them as well. continue reading the rest here 16:34

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  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    I never would have expected to have to remind the RA (as a former mayor of New Bedford), not only of the importance of this fishery to New Bedford, but of the New Bedford fishing industry to that same groundfish fishery!

    Thank you Jim. I have watched and seen first hand the actions of our current RA and have come to this conclusion.
    He is just another politician who has forgotten that he is supposed to be working for the people, and is furthering the agenda of those who use him as a means to an end. He has turned his back on those who gave him relevance in the past only to open his arms to those who seek to destroy his former constituents.
    In my opinion he is looking out for his own future and could care less about those he oppresses.
    When he is no longer RA how long before he takes a job with one of the eco tyrants hell bent on destroying this industry.
    And by the way, is his son connected to the offshore wind energy industry? I have been led to believe that he is. If true, his public promotion of the wind industry over the concerns of the fishing industry need to be addressed.
    If true, we are dealing with yet another despicable incident of crony capitalism. Kind of like a former RA pushing through an industry monitoring program then promptly starting a company after leaving his post to profit from the regulations he helped craft and pass.


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