Carlos Rafael’s guilty plea in federal court draws mixed reactions

There was a mixture of emotions and reactions among members of the local fishing industry over the guilty plea Carlos that “The Codfather” Rafael entered in Federal Court Thursday. Some expressed a certain amount of sympathy for Rafael in the highly regulated business. Some didn’t. This doesn’t come as a surprise,” said Mayor Jon Mitchell. Ever since Carlos’ arrest became public it was clear the government had him dead to rights.” “The more important question is what will happen to the permits. That determination has been left up to NOAA. Jim Kendall, president of New Bedford Seafood Consulting, had the same concern about the permits. He noted that other boat owners have been stripped of their permits. “But I am not sure that it means anything for us,” he said. Read the story here 18:18

2 Responses to Carlos Rafael’s guilty plea in federal court draws mixed reactions

  1. Stephen Welch says:

    The only people worse than Carlos are the corrupt, lying,greedy maggots from the environmental community. OH, do not forget Dale (Shred all of the fishery enforcement documents -while shaking down the fishermen) Jones. What the hell, lets throw in John(the one term mayor of New Bedford) Bullard.
    Fishermen are ignorant barbarians who have to accept the fact that the government knows better. Right Mr. Bullard ?

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