Mexico plans immediate action on US imports after WTO tuna ruling over USA “dolphin-safe” labeling

However, the ruling could be overturned later this year if a subsequent WTO decision finds the United States has stopped discriminating against tuna caught by its southern neighbor. The World Trade Organization ruled Tuesday that Mexico’s tuna industry has been harmed by USA “dolphin-safe” labeling rules and says the country can seek retaliatory measures worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Mexico’s economy ministry said it planned immediate action to initiate the trade sanctions. Ruling on the tuna dispute, a WTO arbitrator said earlier on Tuesday that Mexico can impose annual trade sanctions worth $163.23 million against the United States. The US insists that any Mexican tuna sold in the US must be “dolphin safe”, meaning dolphins weren’t killed by tuna fisherman, which was once common. The WTO agreed and ruled that Mexico could place trade sanctions on the USA of up to $163 million a year, enough to make up Mexico’s estimated loss. “Today’s WTO decision threatens to punish USA families for the crime of having a label on tuna cans that saves dolphins’ lives”. click here to read the story 16:23

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