Information Update: The Make Commercial Fishing Great Again Flotilla 2017

For those who are planning on attending the Make Commercial Fishing Great Again rally and want a sign please contact Oscar from American Beauty Signworks. His phone number is 401-767-2922.  This guy is firmly behind us. He will keep the shop running all weekend to make 4X8 signs that will say anything you want! (remember to keep it positive). He told me that he will take calls all weekend. If he is not there he will call you back. Monday will be the break off point for orders so if you want him to make you a sign the sooner he knows the better. He has slashed the price of these 4X8 signs to from $140.00 to $90.00.  He is committed to helping us in any way he can. Give him a ring and if you’re from out of state I will deliver them to your boat on Wednesday. Just tell him to write the boat name on the back. It’s coming together nicely folks!  Thank you. Joel H. 20:55

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