Information Update #2: The Make Commercial Fishing Great Again Flotilla 2017

First, a hearty thank you to all who plan on attending this historic event! There has been some confusion by those who are still trying to label our gathering as a protest. They are wrong. What this gathering is all about is to show a sign of support to the graduating cadets’ from the fishing industry. We want this to make a positive impact! Also it’s a shout out to President Trump to take notice that our industry like so many others in our nation is under attack from over burdensome regulatory policies enacted by previous administrations. If anyone is interviewed by the media, PLEASE make these messages loud and clear. WE ARE NOT PROTESTING. We are : 1. Welcoming President Trump, 2. Congratulating the Coast Guard cadets, and 3. Asking the President for help to Make Commercial Fishing Great Again. It looks like the weather is going to be awesome. Summer like finally. We should all plan on gathering just south of the RT.95 bridge by 10AM. The commencement address by the President is scheduled for 11AM. We will have representatives on the scene at the event who we will be in contact with. We ask that everyone refrain from blowing horns until the ceremony is over. When we get word from the inside we can let loose with our salute! Again, thank you to all and we will be standing by on VHF Ch. 18 for coordination purposes. Enjoy your day on the water and be safe in your travels. 12:25

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