Editorial: Hollow disaster call shamefully fails to confront problem GDT

Indeed, even after 10 months, Blank’s embarrassing declaration posted Thursday still can’t be considered as a meaningful response to the disaster request,,,,,,,,,,attributes the fisheries’ failure to the “unexpectedly slow rebuilding of fish stocks.”,,,,,,,,,Read More.  http://www.gloucestertimes.com/opinion/x1709877829/Editorial-Hollow-disaster-call-shamefully-fails-to-confront-problem

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  1. borehead says:

    US Commerce, dysfuncional Obama poster child of this administration,has more vacancy's the than a cheap motel on a Monday night, and two of those vacancys happen to be Jane Lubchencos NOAA. Jellyfish Lube Job Jane stands alone. Total control.

    The only positive to be said for Commerce is the proved diligence of Todd Zinnser. IG Zinnser was sworn in in 2007. I shudder to imagine who would be in the IG position appointed by this administration.

    Observing this calimity transpire from the expectaions of meeting the rebuild target, only to degrade to a full blown crisis leaves many questions that demand answers, which will not be forthcoming from this Obama Administration of shame.

    That Hope and Change crap, along with promised transparency? Remember?

    This “unexpectedly slow rebuilding of fish stocks” bull bleep, is an indicator.

    It is clear, between David Pierces analogy of the pre known effects of Catch Shares, Russ Browns revelation of the Eco-system survey, and the "trade offs" at the expence of information needed for fishery management, exposes the current destrucive weaknesses perpetuated by NOAA/NMFS.

    This is shameful standing alone, but then, the Obama Ocean Policy, along with the desire to marry Commerce to Interior to fast track Ocean Industrialization at the expence of the fish resource, and those that harvest those resources for us, display the wreckless policys of this administration.

    This administration must go, along with those politicions that support the administrations ocean vision. Coast to coast cleansing.


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