Networks of Researchers and Fishermen Working Together to Reduce Bycatch, Maximize Fishing Opportunities, and Advance Real-Time Technology

In the fall of 2010, the NOAA Fisheries Northeast Cooperative Research Program (NCRP) awarded more than $3 million to network groups designed to tackle difficult challenges in New England and Mid-Atlantic fisheries. These network projects provide a cross-discipline platform for fishermen, scientists, gear manufacturers and managers to work together to address their most pressing issues. continue

  • Jim Kendall

    All of a sudden the NMFS/NOAA are very interested in showing us how well their programs are working. Evidenced by reports that show that their management plans are working by reducing “overfishing”, & that three really is no reason to review & revise Magnuson.

    Also, look & see how wisely they spent $3 million (of the more than $113 million) of last year’s SK dollars, on cooperative research. What was the other $60 million of that $113 million, that was due to the fishing industry, spent on? For the past 20 years or so, more of the SK money has been appropriated by the Service for its own discretionary spending each year, with little or no accounting being afforded.

    Jim Kendall

    • – Moderator

      Jim, there has been more snake oil salesmen hucksters pumping out propaganda than there ever has been.
      Disgusting lying bastards