Scotland: Innovative new Mair’s Pier to become fishing industry hub

Wednesday will be a proud day for everyone at Lerwick Port Authority when the largest single project the harbour has ever undertaken is officially opened by local MSP Tavish Scott. Mair’s Pier, named after the herring station based at the site in the 19th and early 20th centuries, is going to be used predominantly by the local fishing industry, but it will also provide berthing space for oil supply vessels and cruise ships. The £16.5 million investment forms part of a bold move by the port authority when it decided in 2014 to borrow £25 million from the Bank of Scotland to invest into three major projects.,,, “Whatever happens with Brexit, there is still going to be plenty of fish in the sea, it is of good quality and we are at the right location.” That view is very much echoed by local fishermen. Shetland Fishermen’s Association’s chief officer Simon Collins welcomed the new pier saying it comes at a good time for the industry. click here to read the story 10:00

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