Beverly fishermen throttle-up at annual Lobster Boat Races

If Mike Malewicki seemed like he was in a rush, there’s a good reason why. The skipper of the Janie M. defended his title as the fastest lobster boat captain in the area at the 22nd annual Beverly Lobster Boat Races, July 30, off Woodbury Point. For the second year in a row, the Janie M. stole the show. The Beverly-based boat took top honors winning two of the six races, completing a pair of the quarter-mile free-for-all runs with equal aplomb. “It was fun,” said Malewicki, moments before leaving to pick up some bait for his next haul. “It’s a tradition, that’s the reason we keep doing it. If nobody shows up they won’t have it, but hopefully next year there will be a few more boats.” Built in Essex, the Janie M. is a 37-year-old wooden vessel with a 300-horsepower John Deere engine, which gives it its added gusto. click here to see 15 photos and read the story 18:54

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