Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island governors ask Congress for $100 million in fisheries disaster assistance

WASHINGTON — September 12, 2012 — The governors of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island today wrote to Senate and House leadership requesting $100 million in federal disaster assistance contingent upon a federal disaster declaration for New England fisheries from the Department of Commerce.  The text of the letter follows.

Each of us will collaborate with our fishermen and the Department of Commerce to develop a detailed spending plan to address the needs of our individual communities and states

My only question fisherynation is, are YOU being represented?

  • If you are not represented by Vito, and Carlos, and the boy's you're along for the ride, and I think it's gonna be a shitty ride!

  • The 1st step to ending the disaster is to repeal Obama in November.

    • Iwant this administration gone.
      The question is, will the wave of ocean industrialization continue?