BREAKING – Commerce Department listens to pleas from lawmakers and declares fishery disaster – What’s Next?

U.S. Sen. John Kerry announced this morning that the Department of Commerce agreed to the bipartisan request from members of Congress, four New England Governors and many other elected officials for a declaration of a commercial fishery failure in the No,,,,,,,,,,,Read More,,,,,,,,,,stocks that have limited their ability to catch enough to make ends meet,” said Acting Secretary Blank. “The Department of Commerce has determined that the diminished fish stocks have resulted despite fishermen’s adherence,,,,,,,,,,,

This mess is a creation of this agency. Lets talk about it! Leave some comments.

Northeast Seafood Coalition Statement on Federal Disaster Funding for Northeast  Groundfish Fishing Industry      View  PDF @ savingseafood link

  • What's next? My guess is that all of this emergency bailout money gets directed to research, and to the big winners, and the guys who need it the most will get screwed (again).

    The fishery disaster? President Obama built that the day he hired Jane.

    • I truely believe this is a created crisis, and I recognize the water has warmed, however, the nuers that are being discussed were created before that issue.
      I believe also, it's a inside dealling with the administrator conducting the orchestra