CLF and CLF Ventures: or we get rich by litigating the hostile takeover and trading away of public resources for corporate exploitation while claiming to save the planet. Dick Grachek

The Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) and their “strategy-consulting arm” CLF Ventures apparently have become fisheries Policy Makers, Litigators, Fishing Quota Fund Administrators, and the authors of a “suite” of fishery conservation goals and the “metrics of success” of this suite of goals.

CLF and CLF Ventures engineered this catch share privatization scam right from the beginning—with the help of some Cape Cod “fishermen”.  The Cape Cod Trust program was set up as a “success story”, a prototype for the implementation of the Amendment 16 catch shares program, the market-based atrocity that we have today.  CLF Ventures (most deservedly) collects fees along the line “…as the strategy-consulting arm of the Conservation Law Foundation.”

It’s the “doing good while doing well” credo of “Free-Market Environmentalism, the Enviro- Capitalists” or translated: We get rich by stealing and trading public resources while claiming to save the planet. continue reading!

  • What more could one possibly say? Other than I think I’m going to throw up. Absolutely sickening but no surprise at all to those who have witnessed this bullshit from the beginning.

    • – Moderator

      I read this today.
      I had never seen it. It was emailed today.
      This is the perverted intellectual enviroporn of the shameless.


      From the Ocean and Coastal Law Journal – Cost/benefit of litigation in fishery management, Vol 7-1, 2001
      Ten Years After The Fall: Litigation And Groundfish Recovery In New England
      Peter Shelley, Esq., Vice President, Conservation Law Foundation

      I love the way Dick Grachek lays it all out.

  • Jim Kendall

    Excuse me Dick, did you mean venture or “Vulture”? I think there might have been an editorial error made on the Moderator’s end.


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      Jim. Dick is always a gentleman.
      He wouldn’t want to see my title! lol