A fishing schooner called the Bluenose and Nova Scotian identity

A fishing and racing schooner is the most instantly recognizable public symbol of Nova Scotia. The Bluenose, it seems, is almost everywhere — from the Canadian dime to our licence plates and from beer label to tourist souvenirs. It remains as ubiquitous in Nova Scotia as the lighthouses on our shores and Sobeys and Tim Hortons in our towns and cities. Dubbed by admirers as “Queen of the North Atlantic,” she served as a working vessel, achieved fame as the fastest fishing schooner, and was wrecked at sea in 1946. She lived on as a symbol on the Canadian 10-cent piece and was commemorated by a replica, Bluenose II, built in 1963, and then reconstructed, through an arduous process, 40 years later. click here to read the story 11:20

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