Professor Ray Hilborn has a message for Congress: Overfishing is over

To his detractors, fisheries professor Ray Hilborn is an “overfishing denier,” a scientist who’s all too eager to accept money from industry groups to pay for his pro-fishing research. To his backers, he’s a hero, a respected researcher who can always be counted on to challenge environmental groups that want to limit fishing. Love him or hate him, there’s little doubt that the outspoken Hilborn has attained an international profile and that he has found a way to win big-time attention in fishing circles. His next stop is Capitol Hill. Tomorrow, Hilborn, a professor of aquatic and fishery sciences at the University of Washington, will appear before a Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation panel, getting another chance to argue his case that overfishing is no longer a concern for the United States. click here to read the story 13:59

One Response to Professor Ray Hilborn has a message for Congress: Overfishing is over

  1. DickyG says:

    …and to the fishermen he’s one of the few scientists who’s NOT bought off by the $billions being thrown around by the fishing-hostile oil company backed NGOs (Oceana, EDF, Pew) and that results in his work having a connection to a reality that’s actually going on out on the ocean. A reality that is experienced by people who are actually out there on a daily basis—and have been for generations!
    We need more clean healthy food—not more electric for more e-gizmos or more oil pumped into the world market to further enrich the already very rich.

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