‘Codfather’s’ fraud leaves New Bedford fishing permits on ice, and lot of people out of work

South Coast officials and seafood industry interests were stunned by Monday’s federal decision to shut down a sector with ties to disgraced fishing magnate Carlos Rafael, a decision they say will cut into the livelihoods of fishermen during the holiday season and beyond. “The ruling itself was unexpected,” said Andrew Saunders, a New Bedford attorney retained two months ago by Northeast Fishery Sector 9, one of 19 non-profit entities set up to manage fishing industry operations in the face of strict catch limits imposed by the federal government.,, New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell says there’s collateral damage involved for people in the New Bedford area whose jobs are tethered to the harvesting of groundfish such as cod, flounder and haddock. click here to read the story 10:48

One Response to ‘Codfather’s’ fraud leaves New Bedford fishing permits on ice, and lot of people out of work

  1. Geordie King says:

    While I do feel sympathy for any innocent fisherman now unemployed in Carlos’ sector I think the NOAA ruling is just. I find it hard to believe his daughter / sector manager was oblivious to the real going ons in this fishy scam. It’ also a well known fact that many of his captains were in on this scheme; why haven’t they been brought to justice? Until they figure out just to what extent Carlos and his cohorts scammed the system in terms of species and poundage Sector IX should be closed for business. Better yet, why not simply retire Sector IX for good like they do with famous sports figures!

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