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Recently, Fisherman Jon Johnson wrote an opinion piece in (Why Fishermen Fail To Unite and Resist Being Swept Off of Our Historic Fishing Grounds) about the reasons for, and lack of unity in the U.S. fishing industry on fishery issues affecting the industry, and while I agree with most of his points, we must remember we are at fault a lot of the time, without knowing even knowing it. I have always thought if, we together, could agree on the need for a US Fish Bill, we could get real stability for all in our US Fisheries. I am not alone, as I am receiving calls from many representatives of fishing organizations, and of various fishing communities. We need input from fishermen in every region, from every fishery, and I invite you to get involved. Merry Christmas from Gloucester Mass!  Sam Parisi, Gloucester 978 491 7722 [email protected] 16:58

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  1. jmknbsc . says:

    Hi guys!
    Let me suggest that we end this year, by planning to support Sam Parisi’s goal of trying to get a “Fish Bill” adopted & passed by Congress.
    Sam, it might help if you lay out a bit more of the plan that we spoke about last week. Many people may not quite understand what a “Fish Bill” might be capable of doing for them & the industry.
    Until then, Wishing everyone “A Safe & Happy Christmas, & New Year”!
    Jim Kendall- NBSC
    Dec. 24, 2017

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