NILS STOLPE: The New England groundfish debacle (Part IV): Is cutting back harvest really the answer?

The “blame it all on fishing” management philosophy “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” (A. Maslow, 1966, The Psychology of Science)

NILS STOLPE Fishnet USA – While it’s a fact that’s hardly ever acknowledged, the assumption in fisheries management is that if the population of a stock of fish isn’t at some arbitrary level, it’s because of too much fishing. Hence the term “overfished.” Hence the mandated knee jerk reaction of the fisheries managers to not enough fish; cut back on fishing. What of other factors? They don’t count. It’s all about fishing, because fishing is all that the managers can control; it’s their Maslow’s Hammer. When it comes to the oceans it seems as if it’s about all that the industry connected mega-foundations that support the anti-fishing ENGOs with hundreds of millions of dollars a year in “donations” are interested in controlling. Read the article here

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  1. - Moderator says:

    For quite a while I’ve been concerned about the unregulated community preying on key fish stocks as they continue to rebuild.

    I’ve also been a defender of the ones that get blamed for the lack of the “favored results”, rebuilt stock’s, but it has been clarified by an article I read that explains many things that the opportunists choose to ignore, unless it benefits them.

    The anti fishing ENGO’s have turned predation into an art form, preying on fishermen as the culprit’s, because there has to be some humans to blame, while at the same time preying on un knowledgeable donors that will rally for the cause, ’cause they really believe these know it all a-holes know what their talking about.

    “Please sign the Petition”, and oh! Send money. Your tax deductible contributions are appreciated!

    I watched some self serving stooge on a you tube video explain why the cod have disappeared and it’s because those greedy bastards caught them all, and now there is a crisis!

    They haven’t scooped up enough, and now they want to attack the last place they are found, the closed areas off the coast of New England. Sign the Petition.

    Prove your point. You know who you are.

    The article I speak of will be like cheese for mice. Heroin to a junky. Booze to an alcoholic, and although it may not see a response here, it will on some ENGO blog.
    I’ll be sure to find it, and link it.
    In the meantime, here are some snacks.
    Square One: New England Fishery Managers Trying to Un-do Decades of Protection
    For Cod’s Sake: Help CLF Save New England’s Iconic Cod

    In my years of activism for fishermen, I consider this article as in the top five of the thousands I’ve read

  2. Jim Kendall says:

    Hey BH:
    Lately I’ve been blocked from following a recent editorial when clicking on the “read the article here” link. it tells me that “the page can’t be displayed”. That’s happened with this recent article from Nils, & it’s happened more than a few times before.

    I’m using IE-10 on a Win7 pro machine, so if it was a problem with the browser, I would have had problems with the previous part III of Nil’s story.
    Any ideas?

    • - Moderator says:

      I don’t know Jim. I went there and clicked it a few times and the PDF opened up every time!
      I’m supposed to be the one having problems, being a computer dope!

      I just tried it one more time to be sure. It worked for me.

      Try refreshing the page and hit ‘er again. I hope that works.
      I want you to have a good experience here, Jim, its important to me! BH

  3. Jim Kendall says:

    Well it could have to do with some of the new security settings in IE-10, but it’s tough to run down. I’ve been having similar problems with Ray Hilborn’s recent article. I’ll let you know if I ever get it figured out.

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