Worries persist for Marshfield Massachusetts fishing industry

In the days since U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren visited Marshfield to listen to concerns of local fishermen, apprehension remains in the community about the  industry’s future. During the senator’s April 2 visit, the room at Haddad’s Ocean Café overflowed  with approximately 40 representatives of the industry from Marshfield and  Scituate. Many were owners of local commercial boats. continued

One Response to Worries persist for Marshfield Massachusetts fishing industry

  1. - Moderator says:

    The politicians do what they do, and desperate fishermen lap it up.
    Liz Warren says all the right things but is powerless to implement anything, let alone the fact she is pro Cape Wind. There cannot be habitat destruction through industrialization and fishing.
    In reality, Liz is not going to be affective.

    “Marshfield fisherman Steve James said it was nearly impossible to express the complexities of fishing industry management.”

    He is correct. How could anyone expect Liz Warren to dedicate the time it takes to learn about these complex issues when she also lends an ear to the real enemy of the industry. The ENGO’s.

    Steve James hits on a lot of the issues that need to be addressed, but will not be unless the ENGO’s start to earn about the issues instead of taking the preservation stance.

    To ignore facts such as fish swimming to greener pastures, (cooler water) while making the ass holish claim that fishermen have caught them all, with nothing to base that on, is opportunist rhetoric.

    The enemy of fishermen are the proclaimed environmentalists. Listen to the The DeArruda Tapes: Environmental Defense Fund speaks about local sustainable fish species, catch shares. http://www.southcoasttoday.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20130408/OPINION/130409907/-1/NEWS

    These people are clueless.

    Watch Peter Shelleys you tube video. Clueless.

    Listen to Newfoundland’s Tony Doyle talk about seeing ground fish in the past two years like he’s never seen in fifty years of fishing!

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