Call me Crazy, (I can take it) but does this action set a presidence? American Samoa – Stopping spread of crown of thorns is to kill it

A joint effort by three government agencies has so far killed close to 1,000 crown-of-thorn starfish but thousands more are still threatening the territory’s corals. continued  My comment in the comment section.

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    Something just ain’t setting right to me.
    The government can now pick and choose who lives and die’s in the ocean.
    Of course, they have been doing that all along by mis managing the resources of the people.
    We have a huge seal issue, along with multiple predators that are destroying any type of cod recovery, while watching the ground fish move east and north where there is a huge seal population that is stopping the recovery in Canada.
    The water temperature has caused the shift.
    Does this action of exterminating the poor little crown of thorn star fish, my newly adopted favorite sea creature, open the door to getting other species euthanized to bring their populations under control?
    What do you think?
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