Owner refused to let wreck be raised because grieving family didn’t ask nicely, FAI hears

The owner of a fishing boat that sank off Easdale with the loss of its skipper Scott MacAlister, refused to allow the wreck to be raised because the grieving father had not asked him ‘nicely’, a fatal accident inquiry heard on Friday. ‘The way he spoke to me, I was not very keen to help him in any way’, John Connell, 59, told Oban Sheriff Court. ‘If I had been asked politely, nicely and decently, permission would have been granted straight away.’ Mr Connell agreed Mr MacAlister was ‘the author of his own misfortune’, in the fifth day of the inquiry into the sinking of the Speedwell on April 25, 2013, adding he would not have let the boat sail if he knew it was unsafe. >click to read<21:09

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