It’s a-boat time Pacific City celebrates unique maritime heritage with Dory Days Festival

For more than 100 years, dory boats have gone out to sea from Pacific City. And for the locals, dory fishing is not only their heritage, their pride and their way of life — it’s also their addiction of sorts. “When I haven’t had a dory I was going through the D.T.s,” said Skip Bailey, who has been dory fishing for nearly 40 years. “We grew up as dory people and we live and breathe that stuff.” He’s not kidding, according to other dory devotees. “Sometimes in the winter I just go and sit inside my dory and have a beer — it’s so nice,” said Capt. Mark Lytle, who runs “Every person who has a dory will understand, because they do the same thing.” >click to read<20:17

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