Brad Pettinger steps down from Oregon trawl commission

After 15 years of representing Oregon’s trawl industry, Brad Pettinger is stepping down as director of the Oregon Trawl Commission (OTC) and passing the job to Yelena Nowak. Nowak comes to Brookings from Portland where she worked for the Oregon Department of Agriculture as a trade development manager. She specializes in marketing a trade development and said this area was part of her region and she always liked the area. “I am extremely lucky because the industry is transitioning and the fishery is in a great shape,” she said. Pettinger said he just felt it was time to move on. He will turn 60 soon and is a fisherman by trade. “My brother is managing my vessel and has his own,” he said. “I’m going to go do my own fishing.” >click to read<18:52

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