Oceana: Marine Life and Coastal Economies Threatened by Seismic Airgun Use in Atlantic Ocean – Where ya been!

These people amuse me sometimes. Jim Lovgren, a fisherman from NJ asked me to post this information. May 3, 2012 –  borehead, don’t know whether you saw these or not, but these are my written comments to BOEM, feel  free to use the comments, they need to be spread around as much as possible. I wrote Have you heard about the slaughter that lies ahead for those marine mammals we’ve been saving? continued

WASHINGTON – April 16, 2013 – Oceana released a new report today showing that marine life and coastal economies along the Atlantic Ocean are threatened by seismic airguns used in testing for offshore oil and gas. continued

By the by, Oceana, This is the trade off for those windmills you like so much! “Smart from the Start”, all of the above strategy of the Obama administration.

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