Abandoned puppies rescued from uninhabited Canadian island

The puppies were spotted by local fishermen JR Cook and his friend, who said they could hear barking coming from the island late in the evening.  So the two fishing buddies went back the next day, and saw some movement in the brush. “The fellas could see some dark figures on the island across the water and thought it might be wolves fighting”, she said in a telephone interview. “As they got closer, they realized there were seven abandoned, 3 1/2-month old puppies on the island starving to death”, said Debra Vandekerkhove with Norway House Animal Rescue. The pups have since become known as the “Little Gilligan’s Island Puppies”. They’ve got a Facebook page and a Go Get Funding page if you fancy contributing something to the upkeep of the puppies. >click to read<20:09 

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