Derelict boat leaving mounting debts in wake

The Artemis, the derelict scalloper whose owner left a trail of woe and unpaid bills around Gloucester’s shoreside businesses, may soon be gone. But its saga could have the shelf life of a Norse legend. The 43-foot, steel-hulled vessel, which spent four months grounded on a Provincetown breakwater after being towed out of Gloucester, is tied up at a Provincetown pier, awaiting demolition. And Provincetown is paying the tab — estimated ultimately to cost about $39,000 — to haul the boat off the breakwater and cut it up. The town, according to local reports, has said it will try to recoup the costs of the salvage (about $30,000) and demolition (about $8,500) from vessel owner John Christiansen. Scott Memhard of Gloucester’s Cape Pond Ice on Monday basically said good luck with that. >click to read<21:40

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