Fishermen’s Memorial Service ‘shows the story behind the memorial’

Around 70 people who attended the annual Fishermen’s Memorial Service were held rapt by the words of local author and filmmaker Ron Gilson as he shared the stories of friends he has lost, fishermen who were taken by the sea. Gilson was the keynote speaker at the service Saturday, which was held on the second floor of the Capt. Lester S. Wass American Legion Post 3 hall because of inclement weather. Painted oars that would have been carried to the Man at the Wheel statue and its accompanying cenotaphs at Stacy Boulevard had it not rained were propped up against either side of tall windows in the hall. Keynote speaker Ron Gilson emphasized at the service that Gloucester was built upon the fishing industry. “Four 400 years, we have been fishermen,” he said. “Fishing is what we do here. Make no mistake: Fishing is who we are.” >click to read<10:01

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