2 Accused Of Stealing, Killing Maine Dog, Possibly As Revenge – The People are Pissed!

Two men in Maine who are accused of kidnapping and killing a 6-year-old pug mix named Franky whose owner thinks his dog’s death may have been retribution after the pug got into a fight with a dog owned by one of the men. Franky disappeared from the tiny seaside town of Winter Harbor in late August and his owner, Phillip Torrey, alerted police that he thought his dog had been stolen by two friends who had worked the stern crew on his lobster fishing boat, according to news reports. The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department issued arrest warrants for the two men — Nathan A. Burke, 37, of Hancock, and Justin T. Chipman, 22, of Winter Harbor — on Sept. 1. >click to read<12:11

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