From the Moderator : NOAA Fisheries Service? No such agency! It’s still the National Marine Fisheries Service

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First off, I’m a cranky old person.I wasn’t always like this, but time and events have taken their toll. I’m not ready for the dirt sandwich, although, ya never know! For quite a while now, something has been bugging me, and it has nothing to do with my crotchetiness. NOAA, and the National Marine Fishery Service have pulled an  MMS. continued


  • Anonymous

    Good piece of research BH. Also a great point about the name change. However we all know, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a duck.
    In this case. you can’t put lipstick an a pig. That agency remains what it has been for years…A rogue bunch of no good beaurotratic bastards.

    • – Moderator

      I get these notices all the time, and have watched this creep into common use with out seeing anything official.
      I read a lot of this stuff, and it always follows up with NMFS has announced,,,,,
      I realize it’s just being picky, but these agencies are very very picky when it comes to fishermen, and paper work.
      I may step this up a notch or two.

  • Dick Grachek

    And have you noticed they’re not catch shares anymore; our commodification atrocity is now known as “sector management”? You won’t hear the term catch “shares”. Apparently they want to get away
    from the word “shares”—too close to what they actually are, shares to be traded like all other shares on the commodities and equities markets. They’re not ITQ’s though, NOAA uses concoctions such as a potential sector contribution (PSC) and annual catch entitlement (ACE) that’s how through terminology “sleight of hand” they claim they’re not ITQ’s or LAPP’s; and unfortunately our judicial system doesn’t have the gumption to call them out on this scam. Word Games and money that’s all they’ve got; but it’s working so far, they’re accomplishing the theft of our oceans.

    • – Moderator

      So much for clarity, eh, DG?
      Phony bastards.