The life of Newlyn trawlerman Mike Mahon – part II.

At the conclusion of Part I, skipper Mike ‘Grimmy’ Mahon revealed how his political activities started, leading to his ceaseless fight with British governments and authorities, reports Phil Lockley. When the senseless dumping of fish gained media attention, waiting in the wings was Grimmy, and the intensity of his activities increased.,, Grimmy and Brian Tobin were united in promoting the fishing industries in Canada and its mother country, the UK. If you are a Brexiteer, read on; it will raise your hopes – and if you are a Remainer, please read on to understand why a huge percentage of British fishermen voted for Brexit, and how Brexit warriors like ex-skipper Mike Mahon will fight on until Britain truly becomes an independent coastal state. Grimmy said: “I never did agree with licences or quotas. In Canada,,, >click to read< Part 1 >click to read<09:30

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