Seamounts and canyons: It seems fishermen can’t win

In general, sad to say, commercial fishermen are not well-regarded and struggle for respect. They don’t have powerful lobbyists or image makers and are so independent and competitive by nature that they don’t work well together. As such they are easily defeated politically when opposed by environmental groups with plenty of capital and connections. The headlong rush to deploy wind turbines offshore from here down to Delaware is now gathering momentum. From the deck of a fishing vessel that prospect is akin to a Plains Indian catching a first glimpse of smoke on the horizon, rising from an Iron Horse. <click to read>

One Response to Seamounts and canyons: It seems fishermen can’t win

  1. sam parisi says:

    As a retired fisherman ,who fished those canyons in the sixties or whiting ,I never heard of any damage to those canyons ,and there is no evidence of any damage .We are running out of fishing grounds and these open for our fisherman I would like anyone to provide me with any factual evidence ,but I doubt it exsist .Thanks Sam Parisi Gloucester ,Mass

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