Maine Governor LePage allows alewives bill to become law

Eighteen years ago, the Legislature approved a blockade that prevented alewives from running up the St. Croix River. In this June 4, 2005 file photo, alewives congregate in the Damariscotta Mills fishway, in Nobleboro, Maine. An 18-year-old blockade on the St. Croix River will be lifted in a few days. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty) In a historic decision that largely went unnoticed, that blockade will be lifted in a few days after Gov. Paul LePage opted not to veto L.D. 72. The bill takes effect Tuesday. The emergency legislation requires the state to ensure, by May 1, that the fishways on the Woodland Dam and the Grand Falls Dam be reconfigured or operated in such a way that “allows the unconstrained passage of river herring.” continued

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