Crew safe after boat sinks on 1st day of lobster fishing season

The Charlene A. began taking on water about 1.5 kilometres off Hacketts Cove, N.S., shortly after leaving the wharf at 7 a.m. The crew turned around and started heading back to port, but the vessel sank 300 to 400 metres offshore. Michael Fralick, uncle of the boat’s captain, said the crew members are shaken up, but otherwise OK. They were in the 5 C water for 10 to 15 minutes before they were picked up, he said. “It was long enough,” Fralick said. “You wouldn’t want to be in it very long. It’s pretty numbing, very cold.” Fralick said the Charlene A. had a complete overhaul this summer, “so we’re thinking something went wrong.” >click to read<19:56

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