Barge, diver raise sunken lobster boat

The big winds that pummeled eastern Maine late in November did plenty of damage along the coast, including the sinking of the lobster boat Robin A. II in Prospect Harbor. Last Friday, Bar Harbor scuba diver Ed Monat joined Captain Wid Minctons and his Southwest Harbor-based crane barge Charles Bradley in a salvage operation to raise the 38-footer owned by local lobsterman Gary Jordan from the harbor floor, Minctons said Monday. The salvage operation was successful in recovering the sunken boat but, Minctons said, the vessel was a total loss. >click to read<10:43

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  1. Lynda Garland says:

    Very sorry for your loss. Hope your insurance company did you right. My son’s boat sunk around the same time except he couldn’t get his boat insured. He’ll be lost without his boat to lobster now.

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