Man admits dumping headless bluefin tuna in woods

A Gloucester man admitted Monday that he dumped a decapitated bluefin tuna worth as much as $10,000 in a wooded area in Gloucester, after he’d caught it out of season in 2017. Harold Wentworth, 41, of 24 Liberty St., will spend the next year on probation and must pay a $1,000 fine, Peabody District Court Judge James Barretto ordered during a hearing requested by Wentworth’s attorney on the day the case was set to go to trial there. During the hearing, Wentworth’s attorney revealed that federal fisheries officials have also fined his client $15,000 for the illegal catch. >click to read<21:52

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  1. Bill Chadwick says:

    Glad they caught this guy, but stop inflating Blue Fin values! Best harpooned shock killed fish are bringing 7-8 dollars per. That 2017summer brokers were unable to market all fish on some Mondays and a few ended up in dumpsters worth $0.00 to commercial license holder who caught cleaned and iced it!

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